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Deltas First Candle

Horses have always been in my life and I enjoy the challenges and rewards that each one has taught me.   I grew up riding horses and have always been game for anything.  I competed in rodeos at a young age not only barrel racing but riding steers, cows, pony bareback, breakaway, team roping and flat racing.

After high school I wanted to go a different path and went on to train race horses for 15 yrs.  I had several nice horses but mainly thoroughbreds.  

While still training race horses I was able to get some nice quarter horses and decided to train some futurity horses for barrels.   It was too hard to race horses and go to the barrel futurities so I stayed with the barrel horses.

I have been training barrel horses for 20 yrs and been a futurity, derby and rodeo finalist and champion several times.

I go down to Arizona for the winter months to get a head start on my futurity prospects and bring them back to Alberta in the spring.  

After the horses futurity and derby year I list everything for sale and start on the new up and coming horses.  

I made this blog hoping it would be easier for people to follow my horses and see what prospects I may have for sale.

Timetoraisethebar by Timeline.  Futurity reserve Canadian Champion and Super Stakes Winner

Quackson and Pee Wee Smith (Receiver for Calgary Stampeders)
He actually raced the horse out of the starting gates.  The horse won.

Blue Canadian my first race horse.

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